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Information about this site and what makes it tick

This site was built using the Plone Content Management System, a best-of-breed CMS powered by Python and the Zope 2 Application Server.


Plone is a full-featured CMS all by itself, but it also has a rich ecosystem of add-on products that can extend it's capabilities.  Here's a list of the products I've installed on this site.

  • PloneFormGen - A completely reliable, supremely flexible, and remarkably simple-to-use product.  It should be a standard for any site that needs form input.  From the inimitable Steve McMahon.
  • Collage - A wonderful tool for building more complex content views out of simple pieces. Pay no attention to the product page on  This one's a winner.
  • ContentWellPortlets - Allows site creators to set up portlets in a number of non-standard locations, such as the footer, or above and below the main content area.  From the great minds at WebLion.


I host this site with the friendly and helpful folks at WebFaction.  I can recommend their service without reservation.


All the images I've used on this site are either self-generated or Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr and other sources online.

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Photo by Amy via Flickr using a CC-BY license.

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