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Contact Me

I'm looking forward to hearing from you

I'd love to help you with your development or training needs. If you will send me some basic information using the form below I can work with you to get started on your project.

I'll need this so I can contact you
I'd like to start by finding out what exactly you're looking for. Please select the option below that most closely matches your needs. If you select 'Other', please use the space below to elaborate.
I'd like to learn more about your needs. Please provide a short description of your situation and how you believe I can help you. If you chose 'Other' above, please elaborate here. If you have an official RFP, you can skip this field and use the one below.
If you have an official RFP or a document describing your requirements, you can upload it here. If not, just leave this blank.
Can you give me a general idea of how long you have to get this work done? The more flexible you can be, the better for us both.
Can you give me a general idea of how much you have budgeted for this job? It might help you to know my rate for contract work is $80/hr.

That's about all I'll need for now.  Thanks for taking the time to contact me.  Once you hit 'send' below, you should hear back from me within one or two working days.

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