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I offer training in the Plone Content Management System for content creators, editors and managers, developers, and systems administrators.

You've made the choice to use Plone as your CMS. That's a great choice and I congratulate you, picking the right tool for the job is the first battle and you've won it.  But there's still the rest of the war. You need some help getting you and the rest of your team up to speed.  Your content creators, editors and managers need to learn how to use the new tool.  Your developers need to learn how to customize the system to best fit your needs, and your systems administrators need to learn how to make Plone the blazingly fast, utterly reliable and completely secure system it can become.

Let Me Help You

I've been working with Plone for long enough to know where the stumbling blocks and blind spots are.  I've managed projects of all sizes, from small community brochure sites to large academic department sites with thousands of pages and hundreds of users.  I've trained scores of users how to create effective content quickly and easily.  I've helped developers learn their way around Plone's complex and full-featured back-end systems.  I've taught system administrators how to tune their deployments for maximum speed, reliability and security.  I can help you, too.

If you'd like to talk about what I can do to help, contact me.  Let's get started today!