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Getting Off the Ground with Plone

An intensive, two-day introduction to using, administering, customizing and extending the Plone content management system.

So you've heard about Plone, this smart, secure and powerful content management system and you'd like to get started.  Where to begin?  This training course is for you.  Over two days of hands-on, well-paced work you'll learn how to install Plone, how to create your first website and get started adding content, how to get quick, simple victories for your new project, and how to deploy your site when you're ready to go live.  You'll focus on small-scale, achievable goals, and learn where to go when you're ready for bigger steps.  Attendees will be expected to bring a computer with a text editor and be unafraid to try new things.


This course is aimed at folks who are new to the Plone world. No knowledge of Plone will be required. If you want to come, you should be ready to try new things.  You'll have a chance to work with CSS, with HTML, with XML and even with a bit of Python.  You'll need to bring a computer with wireless internet capability, and a text editor (not a word processor, there is a difference).  You should be ready to use your computer's command line as we'll be spending a bit of time there on the second day.


We'll be covering a fair amount of ground, so be prepared!  The full syllabus and course slides are available online. You can download and build them yourself to see exactly what the course covers, but here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to learn:

Day 1

Learn the best way to install Plone on your system, along with some tips and tricks for ensuring that it goes smoothly.
Learn how to use buildout to extend the functionality of your Plone site.  You'll also learn how to avoid the pitfalls that can trap newcomers to the buildout world.
Take a tour around the administrative area of your Plone site.  Learn what all those buttons and knobs do and how you can use them to bend Plone to your will.
Content Management
earn the basics of content management in Plone; how to add, edit, publish and control access to your content
Learn how to get started making your Plone site into your Plone site.


Day 2

More Customization
Continue the personalization of your Plone site.
Learn the basics of Plone development by taking all the customizations you've made and turning them into re-usable, testable packages.
Learn how to put your Plone site online when you are ready.  Learn about the differences between development and deployment and why they matter.


This course is offered a number of times a year in different locations.  You can even arrange to bring it to a venue near you.

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